Morrow Brothers Packaging has now firmly established itself as one of the leading contract fillers for micro breweries within the UK.

The primary focus of the new business has been to achieve high quality and consistency with low losses when filling. Since opening, the production team at Morrow Brothers has managed to reduce losses for customers to well below 5% on average and on recent regular runs losses have been zero. Such low losses have been achieved on run sizes between 10 BBL and 100 BBL.

Range of conditioning tanks available, raised to reduce losses.

There are three main factors that contribute to the successful rates of return; a full laboratory on site for analysing the beer, a de-aerated liquor plant and a knowledgeable team. Full analysis of the product on arrival and throughout the process allows the team to understand the condition of the beer. From this analysis, a quick calculation can be made in order to determine how much conditioning time in tank is required and then how much de-aerated liquor can be used to push the beer through filtration.

The result is that customers can save money, losses of up to 8% can cost brewers approximately £271 per 10 BBL run or £1085 per 40BBL run. Liam Morrow (Director) explained “at Morrow Brothers we can help a 10BBL Brewer who on average completes 10 bottling runs per year, save approximately £3000 by keeping our losses to an absolute minimum. Per bottle that equates to a 9 pence saving.” Having a high quality production plant is one thing, but making it efficient is what makes bottling worthwhile for brewers of all sizes. Does your current contractor help save your money? Morrow Brothers will be attending Beer X, for all enquiries please contact Liam or Gerard on 01772 429 428.